Window Tinting Film

Knowing what film to choose can sometimes be confusing. First think about what benefit you want most from your film and then prioritize those benefits. The benefits of window film include glare reduction, heat protection, fade protection, U.V. protection, safety, aesthetics, privacy, and to "go green". Films generally start with a polyester layer to which other substrates are added to affect specific characteristics of the finished product. For more information please see our page on Window Tinting Benefits or simply call us to discuss your options and get free consulting on which product best serves your needs.

Dyed Tinting Film

LLumar ATC Windoe Film Dyed Tinting Film is basically a polyester layer with a base layer of dye placed in the adhesive layer or into a polyester sheet and glued together. Because it does not contain any metal it gives your automobile the blackest look. This film is mainly used for its appearance. It has the least amount of heat reduction however it will not interfere with radio signals, it does reduce glare, and reduces fading to interior upholstery. We offer LLumar ATC and Suntek CXP high quality dyed window films.

Our Suntek CXP windoe film blocks 70% of infrared heat transfer.

Carbon Film

3M Brand Window Film Carbon film is one of the nicest looking films on the market it is black in color and gives you the look of dyed film with the performance level of Hybrid film. Carbon blocks 40% of the infra red heat that enters through your glass. It's a durable product with know metal in it to cause interference with radio or satellite. Our Carbon product is made by 3M and is the best Carbon product on the market. Great for giving your car that sporty look.

Our 3M carbon window film blocks infrared transfer by 40%.

Crystalline Film

3M Brand Crystalline Window Film

If you are looking for the ultimate in high technology, superior clarity and performance with a premium look, then 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Film is for you. 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Films feature a proprietary, multilayer optical film technology that combines over 200 layers in a film that is thinner than a Post-itģ Note. This unique technology is the reason a clear film can reject more heat than darker films, without changing your car's appearance.

Solar heat comes from two primary sources, the visible light you can see and the infrared light you can feel. Crystalline window films reject up to 97% of the sun's heat producing infrared light and block up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows. These industry-leading, spectrally-selective films are designed to keep you cool, comfortable and protected.

Designed to maintain the appearance of your car, Crystalline films allow up to 90% of the light into your vehicle. Because these films are non-metallized, you can be assured of zero interference with GPS or cell phone signals. For more information you may want to read a MOTORTREND Article on Crystalline Automotive Window Films.

Our 3M Crystalline film blocks as much as 97% of infrared heat transfer.