Madico® Window Films

Solutions for residential and commercial business glass doors and windows

Architectural Window Films

Madico films are available in many different styles. These styles allow you to set the depth of privacy and aesthetics. Additionally, some Madico films can block up 86% of passive heat transfer. Madico film technology blocks out summer heat and retains warmth during your heating season. Other benefits include reducing glare, protecting items from sunlight induced fading, and energy savings.

Safety & Security Window Films

Madico offers films that minimize problems from glass shattering. Criminals can break glass however; the films keep the window together making it difficult to get through a door or window. When storms or accidents cause windows to break the film keeps pieces together. This lessens risks from flying glass. This product line includes Natural Disaster Mitigation, Graffiti Free, Anti-Intrusion and Blast Mitigation films.

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