XPEL Paint Protection Film

XPEL Paint Protection Film

Car Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film, aka PPF, virtually eliminates common automotive paint chipping and scratches that occur from everyday driving. You will be pleasantly surprised when you learn protective film cost from our shop. Hot Spot Tinting is among the most experienced paint protection film installers in Atlanta. We recommend XPEL protective film simply we believe they are the best paint protection film for cars.

You’re Risking Damage Everyday You Drive Unprotected

If your car has a new, or near new, paint finish you should move quickly to protect it. We hear a lot of customers express regrets when they show us rock chips on the front of their car. They all wish they had acted sooner, and been able to avoid seeing blemishes on the front of their otherwise beautiful vehicle.

XPEL Paint Protection Film Series

XPEL PPF (the basic standard film) is like invisible armor, designed to keep the exterior of your car looking new for as long as possible. Have it applied to your car’s most vulnerable areas: front hood, bumpers, door edges, side-view mirrors, and more.

Its gloss finishes allow this film to blend right in with either factory or custom paint, so no one but you will know it’s there. Self-healing properties make the surface of this film excellent allowing for long-term protection against paint chips and scratches. And a five-year warranty provides assurance your paint protection investment will last. Cancel your fears of everyday road damage with XPEL PPF.

XPEL Platinum Paint Protection Film

XPEL PPF is the solution to protect your car’s paint against damage. Here are benefits from using XPEL Protective Film:

  • Fight problems encountered in everyday driving. This film’s self-healing surface significantly improves the performance and durability of automotive paint finishes.
  • XPEL films can match your paint finish. Gloss and matte options make it difficult to detect where paint protection film starts and ends.
  • Experience superior surface durability. Our films are designed to add water resistance and enhance the durability of your vehicle’s exterior.
  • Protection against stains. Films are a barrier to elements such as bird droppings, oil, insects, etc. which can ruin a fine paint job.
  • Protection against road hazards. Films do an excellent job of deflecting sand, gravel, small rocks and light debris that might otherwise chip your paint.

PPF Designed For Your Type of Vehicle

Body styles and their aerodynamics greatly determine what parts of your vehicle are most prone to damage. The elasticity of XPEL protective films enables our installers to effectively mold the film to fit your vehicle.

XPEL films are barely detectable, affordable and an ultra easy way to keep your car looking sharp. Give us a call today at 770-988-8831 to learn more or schedule an appointment.